The House of Changes comprises of 3 properties of ours, two in Dar es Salaam and the third on Zanzibar Island.

The House of Changes – Roof Gardens Dar es Salaam

About Us 

House of Changes – Roof Gardens is a private homestay in Dar es Salaam.

The rooms are situated within a private apartment.

Free private parking is available on site.

Views of the sea, garden or city are featured in certain rooms.

All rooms have a private or shared bathroom.

Guests have access to the kitchen and lounge area, shared with the owners family.

Bike hire and car hire are available at this homestay and the area is close to speed boats, trains and buses, clubs and restaurants, centrally located on a peninsula with amazing sea views 25 minutes’ walk into the city center.

The area is popular for horse riding and snorkeling.

Kivukoni Fish Market is 1.1 km from House of Changes- Roof Gardens, while Kariakoo Market is 2.6 km away. The nearest airport is Julius Nyerere Airport, 13 km from the property.

Kivukoni is a great choice for travelers interested in sightseeing, business and beaches.

This property is also rated for the best value in Dar es Salaam!

Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.

Great hot spot location with an amazing view, friendly and safe neighborhood, green environment within easy walking distance to city center and amenities.

This is a Home Stay and not a hotel, we share kitchen and living spaces with WIFI in all rooms and areas.

Ideal for those nature mystical loving guests who are more laid back and just want to get away from it all and have a break to relax and perhaps detoxify shall we say.

Common balcony, dining and lounge area including a flat roof a floor further up where guests from all over the world can meet and socialize and share a peace pipe or two.

Your host Dr. D an X- Bishop…. invites you each day for a cold one or two on the roof top terrace, fresh local herb and spice, love and peace are shared.

Private English and Kiswahili lessons at an extra cost of $10.- USD an hour.

House of Changes Roof Gardens Dar es Salaam Tanzania Water Color Map

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house of changes roof gardens

The House of Changes – Magomeni Mikumi Dar es Salaam

The House of Changes – Resort Zanzibar

We also specialize on Tanzania Safaris and Zanzibar Beach Holidays offering an a la carte of services, from car hire, buses and boat tickets, trains and motorbike hire to weddings and honeymoons.

History – About Us:

Baba Kiango, a medicine student bought this mud house about 55 years ago and made cement bricks in the backyard, demolishing one mud room at a time and replacing with concrete cement blocks.

Whilst in London at St. Thoma’s Hospital he friended a German lady, Hildegund Mager, my mother (who the locals than called Mzungu).

No water, no electricity yet, no roof on the backyard house in those early days in the 60’s.
Two beds, one for the 3 children, one for the parents and a kitchen table.
Infront of the House of Changes were beautiful trees, huge mango trees, coconuts, cashewnuts, papaya and the spirit baobab tree with monkeys jumping into all of them.
A lonesome Kiboko – Hippo lived down the hill.
Often the Kiboko – Hippo came right up to the houses, coming to the pond for a drink of water and playing with cows.
Under the big mango trees Ngomas – Dance took part, the whole neighbourhood joining in and on normal days women of the neighbourhood sweeping the street whilst singing.
On hot nights you could simply sleep in the backyard under mosquito nets.
Tomatos and pumkins were grown under the Baobab Tree (neighbours were amazed to the great success of these plants, after all who would dare plant under aghost tree) and in the backyard next to bouganvillan right up to the roof……
Rose of Sharon was found between us and our neighbours house, was replanted in the backyard, a lime tree was already there.
Later singing Casuarina trees were planted infront of the house and flowers by theMzungu.
The family returned to Europe,  relatives and friends including another German lady out of Zanzibar were taken into the house and they looked after it.
Upon our return a bush of roses was added into the backyard.
The house was modernized, a huge arch was cut into walls between dining and stting rooms and larger windows added, electricity even a telephone followed.
The House of Changes became more and more beautiful.
Soon visitors came, Bibi – Oma – Grandma out of Germany, from London Quaker Friends, often the Society of Friends held silent worship meetings in the backyard.
Aunties arrived.
The first party was a great success, children and friends made big paintings decorating the walls of the backyard.
A play was written – ”No Man is an Island” children and grand children from the neighbourhood took part as the main actors.
Many parties for all the childrens birthdays followed, movies were shown by a Catholic priest another close friend of the family.
A song came into being….
”White Birch Tree,
Why do you stand so alone,
Alone I want to be,
Because alone, you are never alone”
African Spirits could have played a part here I presume…..
Suddenly town could not be stood any more.
Safaris to Mwanza, Lake Victoria, Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro.
More visitors came from distance places, Vietnam, Canada, India, Liberia.
Yoga was introduced and a meditation room was introduced, in this same room British friends asked to meet secretly.
House of Changes was used several times for secret meetings, similar to uses it could be changed into now.
The foundation has been set a very long time ago I guess for the House of Changesuse, before our times and not always to everyones liking.
Birth and death took part in the House of Changes several times.
The big trees disappeared from infront of the house, everywhere smaller houses been built with radios blaring and screaming out from all sides.
Sooner or later the House of Changes became a clinic.
Many of the neighbours came, many could not afford to pay, they all got treated anyway.
Finally every one grows and moves out and the House of Changes is rented out for many, many years.
It is agreed in the end that myself and my younger sisater inherite the House of Changes and my younger sister agrees to sell her half to me.
House of Changes has been neglected for many years, repairs and renovations have to be made.
May it all have some blessings!


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